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Global Driving Standards Certification (GDC) was created as a not-for-profit organization in Switzerland with the aim to establish global driver training certification.  We are an independent body that works with governments, companies, organizations and NGO’s worldwide to instill safe driving practices as a foundation of good business and an integral component of workplace health and safety and corporate responsibility. 

Global standards and certification programs for training centres, trainers, companies and drivers

GDC certifies training centres and companies, master trainers, trainers and drivers worldwide. If you are on this website, you most likely see the importance of investing in road safety and safe driving by getting certified in order to improve safety and competence, documented and validated.

Drawing on best practice from around the world GDC has developed a global standard for safe driving.  While many countries use some form of driving test to assess driving competency before granting a driving license, basic license acquisition driving tests can’t cater for the vast range of vehicle performance, vehicle sizes, new technology and human factors that drivers are exposed to in their driving life.  GDC’s driving standard goes beyond basic competency in vehicle control to encompass attitudinal and behavioral factors that have been shown in the last 20 years to have a significant influence on a driver’s likelihood of having a collision.

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