The best driving standards for Companies and their drivers and  riders

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The GDC way

Assessment and Certification focuses on Leadership, Policy and Planning, Risk Assessment, Driver, Vehicle and Journey Management, Accident Management and Prevention, Performance Monitoring & Review and Corporate Social Responsibility

How we work

Self Assessment

We invite you to fill in online a comprehensive questionnaire to learn more about your current organisation, your level of training etc. If you wish to continue, we will verify the facts in an online interview or in situ with the help of one of our independent consultants.

Gap Analysis

Based on these findings, you will receive a complete report outlining your achievements and indicating your areas of improvements in order to be audited and certified.


The consultant will assess in person if all requirements and conditions for a certification by GDC are met and the centre is run according to GDC standards


The centre will receive the certificate valid for 3 years. Certification by GDC is more and more a proof of quality and result sought after by customers in need of consistent quality training delivery to fullfil their need of safe, reliable and cost efficient operations.

Why seek GDC certification and apply GDC standards

The GDC standard for the management of fleet safety covers all vehicle fleets (large and small) and all categories of vehicles including cars, vans, trucks, buses, motorcycles and specialist vehicles.

We put the drivers and their aptitude and attitudes at the centre.

Best standards for drivers

Better Driving for Road Safety

Driving is often the most dangerous work-related activity for many people and, of course, for many may be the main purpose of their job.  According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2020 traffic accidents are among the main causes of death globally.

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Focus areas for drivers

Certification will be carried out by an organisation that has been approved by GDC who will assess the driver or rider against this standard using an approved evaluation assessment sheet. The Certificate will be awarded by GDC on completion of a successful assessment.

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