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Why seek GDC certification and apply GDC standards

The GDC standard defines a minimum standard for any person who is required to drive or ride on company business, is employed as a driver or is a local hire driver under company responsibility. The aim is to ensure that all personnel required to drive or ride a company vehicle or their own vehicle for work purposes can do so safely and in line with local driving related regulations.

Each of the GDC standards contribute to road safety by underpinning better fleet management, better driver training and consequently safer driving.


GDC recognises that some countries and some organisations already have high quality standards in place for fleet management, safe driving and driver training.  Consequently, we operate to the principle of “Equivalence”.  For example, some countries have good quality nationally recognised assessments and registers in place for driving instructors that we recognise those as being at an alternative and equivalent level to the GDC driving instructor standard when assessing a driver training organisation.

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