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Global standards and certification programs for training centres, trainers, companies and drivers

GDC certifies training centres and companies, master trainers, trainers and drivers worldwide. If you are on this website, you most likely see the importance of investing in road safety and safe driving by getting certified in order to improve safety and competence, documented and validated.


GDC has developed a set of internationally recognised standards for safe driving and driver training and certifies training centres, master trainers, instructors, courses and drivers. The standards apply to all types of vehicles including motorcyles.

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There is a lack of internationally recognised standards for safe driving and for driver training. Stringent standards do exist in some countries and there are some multinational companies and organisations that train their employees to their own high global standards wherever they operate in the world. However, in many places, standards are either poor or non-existent

GDC administrates certificates transparently, reliably, independently: certificates are only issued once adherence to the standards has been proven and validated.

Through its unique QR code on each certificate, the validity of a GDC issued certificate can be validated at any time.

A license is not enough

See how we certify training centres, master drivers and drivers in compliance with GDC standards.

Why be GDC accredited?

Certified by GDC means consistent and reliable delivery of driver training, a seal of approval sought by clients in order to know that they will receive the programs they need for safe and cost efficient driving and delivery.

Certification for drivers

Better Driving for Road Safety

Driving is often the most dangerous work-related activity for many people and, of course, for many may be the main purpose of their job.  According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2020 traffic accidents are among the main causes of death globally.

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GDC puts focus on attitude and aptitude

The GDC standard complements and does not replace any nationally recognised qualification that forms a legal requirement to provide driver training on a commercial basis in any given country or region.

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Focus areas for drivers

Certification will be carried out by an organisation that has been approved by GDC who will assess the driver or rider against this standard using an approved evaluation assessment sheet. The Certificate will be awarded by GDC on completion of a successful assessment.

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