Attitude and Aptitude

GDC puts focus on attitude and aptitude:

  • General
    • The instructor should be legally entitled to provide driver training in the region of operation
    • The instructor should have appropriate knowledge of subject matter
  • In Vehicle-Training
    • The instructor should demonstrate an appropriate standard of driving
    • The instructor should demonstrate the ability to plan on-road training
    • The instructor should be able to adopt the appropriate balance of coaching vs instruction
  • Classroom Training
    • The instructor should demonstrate the ability to manage and present information effectively in a classroom environment including:
  • Additional Standards for Master Trainers
    • Master Trainers should be able to develop an effective programme of role play with trainee instructors
    • Master Trainers Should be able to make effective use of a programme of role play with trainee instructors

The GDC standard complements and does not replace any nationally recognised qualification that forms a legal requirement to provide driver training on a commercial basis in any given country or region.  

Most driver training organisations will have at least one Master Trainer with responsibility for training and assessing the instructors in the organisation.  
There are additional elements to the standard specifically for Master Trainers who should be subject to the same rigorous quality management measures as other trainers in the organisation and reach higher levels of attainment against those measures.

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